About Us


Our History

Our Company has been in the drinks distribution business for over 27 years when we started out as Gandhi Wine Suppliers Ltd in 1985.

As the Company steadily grew and expanded outside of its traditional Indian market, we changed our trading name in 2003 to Imbibe ( to drink, from Latin imbibere – to drink in).

In 2012 we merged with Melrose Wines and today we take pride in our reputation as London’s premier drinks supplier. We have established a number of successful brands including Mongoose Premium Beer, Bavarian Gold and Prosecco Fiorita as well as working in partnership to develop other major brand owners including Cobra, Kingfisher and Evian.

In 2015, we have launched a wholesale Food Products division specialising in poultry, seafood, frozen vegetables and dry goods.

Our Experience

We understand that our customers have a commercial need so our product range is designed to suit all budgets and requirements. We will help you “crunch” the numbers on quantities, price and margins to ensure your business can grow profitably.

We have an established network and relationships with suppliers so we can provide a single source supply  to all our customers for all your drinks requirements.

Our many years in the industry means we will stay on trend so we can recommend and provide helpful hints along the way to create and/or refresh the perfect drinks menu for your establishment.

What We Care About

Looking after our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to:

  • Provide excellent service to our customers every time, on price, quality and delivery
  • Develop our product range and relationships with the breweries and brand owners
  • Promote our Company’s reputation as a trusted, reliable supplier to the on-trade business

We have a small, dedicated team ready to do their best for you.

“Imbibe offer a fantastic range of products paired with top customer service”

Gordon Duthie The Brewery