Mongoose Premium Beer

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Why Choose Mongoose Premium Beer?

  • Mongoose is a Premium (Alc. 5.0% Vol) Extra Smooth Beer.
  • Developed and produced by the award winning Charles Wells brewery.
  • Gives you an authentic Indian recipe beer offering.
  • In taste tests more than half of drinkers choose Mongoose over other Indian Lagers.
  • Competitively priced to deliver a premium margin.
  • Supported by dedicated brand ambassadors.
  • Available in draught (50 litre keg), 330ml and 670ml NRB.

What’s the Story?

Mongoose Premium Beer is a high quality lager, brewed to an original and authentic Indian recipe, developed by Charles Wells brewery over eighteen years ago.

The Mongoose Taste Test

In a blind taste test between Cobra, Kingfisher and Mongoose Premium Beer, over 50% of consumers preferred Mongoose.

Mongoose Premium 52.5% over Cobra and Kingfisher

POS & Merchandise

Mongoose has a range of premium Point of Sale to assist you in driving rate of sale and brand awareness in your outlet. Products include draught font, branded glassware, bar runners (see below), pens and menu holders.


Mongoose Premium Bar Runner